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[V6] Lovers' Quarrel 
15th-Oct-2011 11:53 pm
junichi ☆ teehee~
Title: Lovers' quarrel
Author: [info]ohnaganoes
Fandom: V6
Pairing: Okada Junichi/Miyake Ken, very mild Sakamoto Masayuki/Nagano Hiroshi
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: 022. Enemies
Summary: Never get between Okada and Ken when they're fighting.

Disclaimer: V6 is part of Johnny's Entertainment, and this is all fiction (I think).
Warning: There's a tiny bit of swearing...

For bunny_d_kate, since I mentioned having the urge to write and she pretty much wanted me to write. XDDD

It seems that, in the 15+ years that they’ve been together, there were certain things you shouldn’t do in V6. One was getting Inohara Yoshihiko drunk, because it always resulted in chaos and getting stripped by said member. Another was infuriating Sakamoto Masayuki, though that rule hasn’t been brought up lately due to Leader’s new laid back attitude. Another, and perhaps the most frequently broken, was that one should never get between Miyake Ken and Okada Junichi when they’re in the heat of an argument. Poor Go gets accused of not sticking up for his best friend by Ken, while Okada criticises Inocchi for spoiling the brat with compliments and treating him like he’s the best. Sakamoto and Nagano on the other hand were always in the background, watching their two youngest kids without interfering at all. They know their personalities have always clashed with each other; Ken is mischievous and says whatever is on his mind, whether it’s a nice thing or not, while Okada is stubborn and doesn’t like to be pushed around.

“It’s nothing but a lovers’ quarrel,” They constantly say to the others, “they always make up in the end.”

Though this time was different; those two had been at it for days. It was their first ever big fight, and tears were shed anytime either Okada or Ken raised their voice at the other. No one dared to say anything to them, and no one dared to bring up the other in conversation without the fear of being accused of taking sides again. It didn’t help that today was the last day of their Sexy. Honey. Bunny concert tour either…

Calling up the two youngest V1s, Sakamoto looked at the two of them, their backs facing each other, and sternly told them to man up and stop fighting.

“You two have been faking this loveydovey thing during the last few performances. I’m sick of it, seriously; you guys are lying to all your fans.”

Ken scoffed, his back still facing Okada’s, “Well would you rather have us bitching at each other on stage? You should be happy that we’re pretending to like each other right now.”

“I hate to agree with him, but he’s right,” Okada murmured, glancing at Ken before darting his eyes towards Sakamoto. The Leader of V6 sighed, patting both men on the head; as much as they looked like they hated each other guts, he knew that deep inside, they wanted to apologise and forgive each other.

“Wow, this time Dekopaa actually agrees with me; what a first,” Ken retorted before getting his arm yanked by his junior. Sakamoto groaned and walked towards the door of their dressing room, “I’m going to leave you two here so you can sort this shit out, okay?” he asked as he closed the door, locking it to ensure that no one would leave.

The room was silent, and you could cut the tension with a knife. To be honest, neither Ken nor Okada wanted this to happen; they didn’t want to start hating each other over something trivial—they couldn’t even remember why exactly they fought in the first place. It’s not like them fighting was abnormal, they had always had their little arguments; this one was just like them, though only worse, and it hurt both members. Ken sniffled, trying to fight back his tears, his chest in so much pain from all the guilt and anger inside of him. Okada couldn’t help but place his hand on Ken’s shoulder, also trying to stop himself from crying; they were, after all, so very much in love with each other, even if they had their little tiffs once in a while. Ken just wanted those moments where they would spend hours talking to each other about anything, those moments where they would kiss backstage without V4 interrupting, and those moments when they were… simply intimate with each other again; Okada thought the same thing.

But neither of them had to guts to say it.

Neither of them could just say—

“I’m sorry…”

Okada looked at Ken in disbelief, Miyake Ken has never willingly apologised to him. Usually, both of them just slept it off and “forgot” all about it the next day, neither of them actually formally apologising to the other; Ken’s childish behaviour and Okada’s stubbornness making it nearly impossible to get a genuine, “I’m sorry” from them, at least, not immediately.


“I’m sorry okay?! I- I… I feel really bad now… Leader has a point, we’re being fake… we’re pretending to like each other in front of our fans… I really hate it… I don’t want to lie to them…” Ken mumbled, his voice shaking as he began to cry.

“Ken, I-“

“And I don’t want to lie to myself either! I love you, and you know that! So to have these negative feelings towards each other… it hurts, it really does…”

Okada rested his head on Ken’s shoulder as he began to cry as well. His biggest weakness was seeing Ken cry, especially during any of their arguments; he felt that he was making the person he loved suffer because of him and thus questioned why Ken chose him in the first place.

“I love you too, and I hate myself for forgetting that,” he replied as he wrapped his arms around Ken’s frame, “You and I may have our ups and downs, you and I may become our biggest enemies, but at the end… we just…”

Ken whispered, “We just can’t stop being together right?” and leaned in, gently kissing Okada before wiping his tears away. He wanted to tell Okada off for even daring to blame himself over this, but deep inside, the 32 year old felt the same way about himself; he hated that all this petty anger had taken over what was really important to him.

“I’m sorry… again.”

Okada chuckled, kissing back, “I’m sorry too.”
15th-Oct-2011 02:31 pm (UTC)
You know what?
I love this. A lot <3
And you know what else?
Fuck what other people say..
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15th-Oct-2011 04:35 pm (UTC)
I loved this <3
Thanks so much for sharing!!
16th-Oct-2011 10:58 am (UTC)
cuteeeeee x3 i really like this :D
it made me all happy and fluffy inside x3
16th-Oct-2011 07:31 pm (UTC)
This was so cute! Do I love your Okada/Ken fics so much <3
19th-Oct-2011 07:24 pm (UTC)
i was getting sad about their fight
i'm glad that they appologise to each other
it was very cute this end
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