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[V6] Step by step 
18th-Jul-2012 01:09 pm
junichi ☆ teehee~
Title: Step by step
Author: ohnaganoes
Fandom: V6
Pairing: Sakamoto Masayuki/Okada Junichi
Rating: G

Summary: What if the teams for the Haunted School challenge in GeI was switched around and Sakamoto was with Okada instead of Nagano?
Disclaimer: as much as I would love to claim these two AND V6, I can't. ;A;



“Gakkou e Ikou MAX… I want to kill you all…”

Sakamoto grumbled to himself as he slowly walked towards the school building, Inocchi and Ken yelling out things like “GOOD LUCK LEADER!” and “don’t have a heart attack!!” in the distance. The eldest V6 member’s pace began to slow down when he realised just how close he was to the entrance of the haunted school, staff following him just in case he decided to run off like a coward. He had considered doing it at one point, even though the cameras were pointing at him, zooming on his face, now pale in fear, but something was stopping him.

“Maa-kun, don’t even think about running away.”

Sakamoto whimpered slightly as Okada grabbed onto his arm, a small pout appearing on the Osaka man’s face. He didn’t even need to say anything and yet Sakamoto knew that exactly what Okada was trying to say; don’t you dare go, I want you to be with me, Maa-kun!

“I… I don’t know what you’re talking about…” Sakamoto whispered as the staff signalled the two men to enter, Okada’s grip on his senior’s arm getting tighter as he knew he was being lied to by his Leader. Sakamoto sighed, Okada should have been with Go or Ken; at least those two are more braver than him. He wondered why he was getting paired up with a man nine years younger than him; maybe it’s because they wanted to make the whole “Leader is nine years older than Okada, but he’s a total scaredycat! That would be hilarious!” thing a bigger deal than it needed to be, or maybe they just wanted to humiliate him and make Okada look even cooler than he already is.

The hallway felt bigger than a typical hallway as Sakamoto and Okada slowly walked along the lit path; the sounds of them walking and him breathing heavily filling up the area step after step. Sakamoto eyed every single thing that was in his vision just in case something popped up from a corner, while Okada calmly scanned the area.

“I wonder what kind of system they have here…” Okada mumbled and swiftly turned to Sakamoto, who jumped slightly.

“Jesus! Okada, don’t scare me like that!”

“I didn’t do anything though.”

Okada snickered and continued walking; Sakamoto’s chest getting more and more tighter with embarrassment. Why did he have to be with Okada? He would end up being the butt monkey anyway. If this was back when Okada was just a teen, then he wouldn’t feel this way; he would be more braver and more energetic about doing something like this while Okada would be like a scared little child grabbing onto his father’s hand.

But no, this was 2008; they were both grown men who were expected to be afraid of almost nothing. He should just be a little surprised when statues fall near him and not end up running to a nearby wall for comfort. He should be running calmly like Okada as a man dressed up in a samurai suit chases them down, not running away screaming while wrapping his arms across his chest.

“This sucks…” Sakamoto groaned as he crouched onto the ground after getting hit on the arm by a falling painting. Okada bent down and gave his Leader an assuring pat on the shoulder, chuckling as he remembered the face Sakamoto made as that painting fell on top of him.

“Is your arm alright?”

“It still hurts a little…”

“Do you want me to kiss it better or something?” Okada whispered, not audible to any nearby camera or his own microphone, but barely to Sakamoto. He smiled at Okada’s attempt at making him laugh, and sighed as Okada pulled him up by the arm. “Come on Leader, chin up!” Okada cheered and playfully guided him through the art room, carefully avoiding the paintings on the floor.

“Why are you doing this to me…” Sakamoto whispered as they successfully exited the art room. Okada stopped and pointed at the boys bathroom in the distance, before stealthily covering his mic so no one could pick up their conversation.

“What do you mean?”

“A-Are you trying to mock me by being so caring and friendly? I-I know you’re like this normally but… I just feel really…”

“Maa-kun, I’m just as scared as you are. I just don’t show it like you,” Okada replied with a slight chuckle at the end.

“G-Geez, that totally makes me feel better about being a coward…”

“It’s okay, Maa-kun,” Okada smiled before looking down, “I kinda like it when you’re like this…”

“Eh, why?”

“I think Leader Maa-kun is cute when he’s scared; it makes me want to protect him.”

That kid, Sakamoto thought, he’s probably been so caught up with that drama that now he suddenly wants to protect everyone. Still, he couldn’t help but blush as Okada began to pull gently on his shirt and tell him to hurry the heck up. Sakamoto placed his hands on his chest, still scared that he could collapse at any moment, though it was not as big of a concern now that he knew Okada would be on his side. Sometimes he feels that Okada does it to give him a false sense of security and that sooner or later he’s going to scared out of his wits as Okada puts on a cheeky grin, but then there are those times when Okada really is in his “SP mode” and he really does want to protect people.

As much as he wanted to have complete faith in him, he still couldn’t help but hope that Okada was being the latter this time.

“Maa-kuuuuun,” Okada moaned playfully as he turned around and put his hands on his chest, “You’re still really slow! Stop touching your breasts and walk a little faster!”

“S-Shut up!” Sakamoto yelled back and fastened his pace until he was right next to Okada, the two of them walking at the same place. Okada looked so small next to him, and he felt smaller; he just wanted that feeling of being the papa and protecting his V6 sons again…

“Maa-kun,” Okada whispered, eyes still fixated on the door in front of them.


“Hold my hand,” He answered and slowly wrapped his fingers around Sakamoto’s. Suddenly everything felt less scarier, as if the cold air around them disappeared at that moment. Of course, he still felt tense and afraid (who knows if that samurai will come back screaming like a maniac), but as Okada slowly dragged him into the room, pulling him towards the first cubicle, he felt a sudden urge to just push it open without hesitation.

“T-There’s nothing in here…”

“Open the next one.”

“Nothing there either… it has to be the next one…”

Okada stepped forward, still holding onto Sakamoto’s hand, “I’ll open this one then. I have this feeling that if you do, you’ll fall onto the ground and have a heart attack, hehe.” Sakamoto coughed in retaliation and pouted when Okada smirked. As the Osaka man placed his free hand onto the cubicle, Sakamoto gulped and couldn’t help gripping tighter onto his junior’s hand.

This kid, he thought, this kid is just so ridiculous…

 “Stand back.”

18th-Jul-2012 05:07 am (UTC)
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. This is adorable. ♥
18th-Jul-2012 06:04 am (UTC)
“Jesus! Okada, don’t scare me like that!”
Okada Jesus toilet

I just thought that was hilarious XDDD

But anyway..
D'AWWWWW!!! ♥ ♥ I said it already but scaredy-cat!Sakamoto and SP!Okada is such a cute combi. They're all making fun of Leader when he gets like that but with Okada you can tell that he really just wants to protect his papa :3 (well, unless he tries to put bugs on him XDD)

18th-Jul-2012 06:11 am (UTC)
negl, I couldn't stop thinking of Okada!Jesus when I was writing that either... XDDDDDD
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