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[TS] Too cute 
4th-Aug-2013 04:00 pm
junichi ☆ beautiful stranger

Title: Too cute
Author: ohnaganoes
Pairings: Fukushi Sota/Okada Junichi
Rating: PG-13 for kissu and accidental boners~
Summary: "At only 20 years old, Fukushi Sota has managed to make a 32 year old Okada Junichi show a side even he himself has never seen before"

Ever since I saw these two promoting Toshokan Sensou together, I fell in love with the pair! Especially during VS Arashi when Okada breaks down and says "so cute!" so many times because of Fukushi-kun. And then I read an interview with Fukushi where he talks about how cute Okada was during the Toshokan Sensou filming. They are just too super duper cute. :3


“Can I kiss you?”

He grips onto the couch as he felt himself being pushed back slowly until his head makes contact with the arm rest, the younger man towering right over him, causing his face to turn bright red. He wants to push him off, but being physically smaller than him makes him reconsider his escape plans; he could put him in a headlock and then run off but that idea was debunked the moment he realises his wrist are being held down almost forcefully. He gives in, but his mouth is shut tight as their noses almost touch, their breaths gently hitting each other’s faces.

“Fu… Fukushi-kun…” He whispers, almost whimpering as he adjusts himself underneath him. His body is tense, butterflies in his stomach, and his breathing starts to turn frantic; he wants to throw up from the anxiety building up inside of him. He always got nervous around him but this is the first time the pair have been physically close. He notices how big the younger man’s eyes are, eyes filled with innocence and curiosity, compared to his own eyes, dull and filled with fear. His nose is well sculptured, the tip just briefly rubbing against his own as he spoils him with eskimo kisses; each touch is shift and gentle, the younger man pulling off his trademark smile that caused girls to swoon. He wants to cover his face as he feels the blood rushing to his face, he wants to scream over how cute this kid is, but he needs to keep his composure, he can’t give in that easily.

Yet he finds himself sniffing the younger man each time their noses touch. Ah youth, he thinks as he notices how fresh his skin smells, picking up a scent of cologne. His nose accidentally brushes the younger man’s cheek, smooth and soft, and he is fighting the urge to just pinch them and, god forbid, maybe kiss them too. Slowly losing his composure, he finds himself loosen up and relax into the couch, the younger man giggling for a brief second before whispering in a lower tone than usual.

“Okada-san, I’m going to kiss you now.”

He stares up at his lips, blushing as he realises how pink and perky they are. He tenses as his feels them brush against his own and pushing down as the younger man tries to pry his lips open. This kid is persistent, kissing him softly while his hands move away from his wrists, slowly trailing along his arms and drawing little circles on his skin. He whimpers underneath the younger man and an unintentional moan ends up coming out of his mouth. He clenches his fists until they turn white as he feels his bottom lip being pulled playfully; he complies and his lips part slightly. Suddenly there is tongue and his back arches as his moans become more and more frequent, surprising the younger man for a moment before using that to his advantage.

“You are so cute, Okada-san,” he sighs in between kisses, the older man tensing up as he realises just how loud he was, covering his face in embarrassment. He always knew his co-star was a shy one, remembering the conversations they had during filming and how he would never look at him in the eye and picking at his lips while his ears were red in embarrassment. He may be at least 10 years older than him, but it never stopped him from thinking how cute he was; seeing him squirm under him made the older man look even cuter than before.

“S-Shut up, that is,” another moan escapes, “that is my line…” The idea that a man much younger than him is making him twist and turn makes him squeeze his eyes shut in embarrassment. At only 20 years old, Fukushi Sota has managed to make a 32 year old Okada Junichi show a side even he himself has never seen before; it should be the other way around. Still, he finds his body grow numb, tensing slightly at each touch. He feels something building up inside of him as he continues to be spoiled with kisses, this time on his cheek and his neck, each so gentle and pure yet calculated at the same time.

He knows what’s going to happen after this, he’s been with plenty of women to know what is going on, but he can’t find the strength to stop him before he gets carried away. Suddenly, the younger man sits up and pulls him up for a warm embrace. He presses his face against the older man’s shoulder, embracing him even tigher as he whispers “too cute, too cute” almost frantically.

“Fukushi-kun…” He whimpers, face bright red from the entire ordeal. Even though he has the image of a tough guy who can make people flustered from getting flung around and tackled, he probably ended up more flustered than everyone combined. It’s not like the two of them did anything other than kiss either, so he is even more embarrassed over it. But he doesn’t hate it; he doesn’t feel disgusted or violated in any way. He suddenly misses the feeling of closeness the two had, even in this embrace. He lets out a heavy sigh and returns the gesture, arms shaking as he bites on his bottom lip nervously.

“A-ah, I’m sorry,” the younger man replies, “I acted irrationally… I… just…”

“…damn it…” he groans, ignoring the apology as he shifts around, trying to fight back that new sensation bottling up inside of him; it wasn’t until they both realised what was happening that the pair started to blush profusely.

“O-Okada-san, I--“

“I-I’m so s-sorry! I should--“

“Um, I don’t really know what to do in this situation…”

“W-Well of course,” He coughs and proceeds to move until he gets pushed back onto the couch while he leans in to kiss him once more. “W-Wait, we are not doing this again al-alright?”

“I want to help you though…” He whispers as he begins to nibble at the older man’s earlobe, receiving another squirm and another heavy moan, “maybe… maybe, you could teach me, Okada-san.”

“Fu-Fukushi-kun…” He moans and cusps the younger man’s face, avoid any kind of eye contact as he notices that trademark smile once again. He wants to yell at him for being cute again but instead he leans towards him until their lips are just millimetres apart.

“… I want you to kiss me.”
4th-Aug-2013 06:50 am (UTC)
Rating: PG-13 for kissu and accidental boners~ <- forever my favorite rating! XDD

And I think I already made my opinion on this pretty clear, HURRRRRRRRR ;D
4th-Aug-2013 10:29 am (UTC)
omg OTP *_*

and i've always imagine okada to be the one taking initiative though cos souta's pretty shy too XDDD
4th-Aug-2013 11:51 am (UTC)
I think it's because Okada pretty much spoils him (feeding him in the Akan police ep for example!) that I see him as Fukushi's wife LMAO, also because he's the shorter one, that I see Fukushi take the initiative. XDDDD

They're both equally shy LMAO
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