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[V6] Birthday blues 
5th-Aug-2013 12:41 am
masa ☆ i love your smile
Title: Birthday Blues
Author: ohnaganoes
Fandom: V6
Characters: Sakamoto, with brief appearances by Nagano/Okada/Ken, and mentions of Inocchi/Go and other senpais
Pairings: Implied SakaNaga and SakaOka sorta maybe perhaps?
Rating: G

Summary: Sakamoto turning another year older makes him think of things.

Originally posted on my tumblr, wrote this to celebrate Sakamoto's 42nd birthday!


“42 years old huh…”

He slumps onto his couch, sighing as he feels his body suddenly relax itself. He looks back up at his wall clock, realising that a minute has already passed; a minute into his 42nd year of life. To be honest, he didn’t even notice it was already his birthday, being so preoccupied with his stage play and recording new tracks for the group. It wasn’t until Inocchi mentioned that he was counting down the days that he suddenly remembered and told himself to mark it down somewhere in case he forgot again. Ah Inocchi, always aware of his fellow members even when they themselves don’t remember; he’s probably asleep now, so he doesn’t expect any sort of message past midnight.

“I wonder if he’s going to say anything in the morning. I should watch Asaichi just to see if he does,” he smiles and then chuckles in embarrassment at the idea of his fellow group member joyously wishing him a happy birthday on national TV, in front of thousands of people. It isn’t the first time he has celebrated his birthday in front of a huge crowd, but the older he gets, the more embarrassed he is over little things. He gets up and walks to his bookshelf, bringing down the two parcels that his brothers sent over a week ago, insisting that he open them on his actual birthday. Each has a card with a message from each brother and their families, photos both old and recent attached within the card. When he sees how big his brother’s children have become, he smiles but lets out a heavy sigh. He feels that because he is the youngest, there is less pressure for him to find a lovely lady to get married to and have children, but he wants children. He really does, but with his job, he feels like he has no time for those things.

“Ah but… Inocchi…”

That’s right, Inocchi is married, and he has a son too. On top of that, his wife is expecting another child. He remembers when he announced it to the entire group with a huge grin on his face; more children for a man who is pretty much a child himself anyway, it seemed appropriate for Inohara Yoshihiko. Sometimes, he feels that it’s unfair that Inocchi gets the liberty of getting married and having children when he isn’t even the oldest member, but what can he do? Will he ever have his own family?

At least he’s not the only one, Nagano is a year younger and he is in the same position. Nagano doesn’t seem to mind it as much though, but he’s pretty sure that Nagano would like to experience that feeling of raising a family of his own at least once someday. As he begins to imagine his friend with a wife and kids, his phone vibrates slightly; it’s a message from Nagano.

“Well speak of the devil…” he says as he opens up the message, laughing at his friend’s overuse of emoticons.

Happy Birthday Sakamoto-kun!
42 years old! I’m happy because right now I’m two years younger than you! At least until October, hehe. Are you free sometime in the evening? I would love to take you out for some celebratory ramen! I’ve called up Joshima and Higashiyama too, it will be so fun!

“Joshima and Higashiyama? Are we all going to joke about our personal lives again?” He asks himself as he quickly writes back a reply; remembering how happy his senpai was as he gushed over his daughter, casually showing off a photo he had on his phone. “I guess if Higashiyama is able to have his own family, one day I will be able to too… I just have to be patient.”

He returns to his couch and puts the gifts aside as he checks his phone for anymore messages. Suddenly, Ken’s name appears on his phone, causing him to jump a little; there’s a photo of a cake attached to his message, and if Nagano’s use of emoticons amused him enough, Ken’s is even more over the top. It starts off with a nice poem that Ken clearly has made up; it is beautiful and deep but occasionally an oyaji gag would pop up out of the blue. He never stops being amazed by Ken’s ability to come up with beautiful prose almost on the spot, his passion and determination is definitely something to be envious of. At the very end, it says that he should wait for a few seconds and suddenly his phone vibrates again. This time it’s just a photo that gets sent to him, a photo of Ken and Go grinning while throwing peace signs at the camera.

“They’re so cute,” He smiles and then another message from Ken pops up; doesn’t this guy need to sleep?

I forgot to say that I bumped into Go and he told me to wish you a happy birthday! He says he’ll sent you a message later but he just wants to say it now for the heck of it! Inocchi called me and told me the same thing; am I everyone’s messenger or something??
Anyway, bye bye! I’m going to play video games now!

He blushes slightly as he feels overwhelmed by all this love from his fellow group members; it’s not like he doesn’t get this kind of treatment every year but it still makes him feel warm and fuzzy inside. Every year Nagano seems to want to take him out for food, his treat of course, and then Inocchi would enthusiastically wish him a happy birthday, asking him if he wants to go drinking like a son asking his father for a drink. Meanwhile, Ken would bombard him with messages, while Go would just send one, short and simple; it’s the thought that counts right?

“What a bunch of kids, haha.”

Then he cocks his head to the side, what does Okada do? He actually needs to think about it considering the youngest member is constantly busy with his own work. If he’s free, he would send him a long message saying how he’s getting older and the age gap being temporarily larger than usual. Other times he would just say “Happy Birthday!” and apologise because he has to sleep early.

“He’s promoting that movie right now isn’t he? I guess it’s good that he’s going to sleep so he can keep up with his work—“

His phone rings, scaring him a little, and fumbles as he answers it.


“Ah, Sakamoto-kun… did I wake you up?”

“Okada? No, no, I haven’t gone to bed yet.”

“O-oh, that’s good. I was worried you would get mad at me for waking you up, haha. If it was 18 years ago, you probably would lecture me nonstop.”

“Um, thanks, I guess?”

“Maa-kun is a lot more laidback now, do you feel even more laidback now that you are another year older tonight?”

“I’m just tired, Okada, what with my busy schedule and all.”

“A-Ah… s-sorry…”

There is a brief moment of silence. He didn’t realise how long it had been since Okada last talked to him on the phone until now; he can imagine Okada shyly picking at his lips as he tries to come up with something to say.

“It’s not everyday that I get a call from you, Okada.”

“Yeah, I figured that even though we saw each other not too long ago, I should still call you to say happy birthday so… happy birthday, Maa-kun.”

“Thank you.”

“I’m sorry this was such a pointless call… I should’ve just sent you a message…”

He blushes a little and chuckles, “No! It’s fine! I’m kind of happy that somebody was able to call me. I got a message from Nagano, and Ken sent me a ton of messages.”

“Hehe, yeah, Ken-kun read out the poem to me and it was so… interesting.”

“Ken is so cute.”

He hears Okada chuckle and joins in, smiling as Okada agrees with him and sighs over their adorable friend. The conversation between the oldest and youngest go on for another 10 minutes before Okada hesitantly says he needs to head off to bed. He wishes him a happy birthday once again before hanging up, the sound of the dial tone beeping in his ear until he puts down the phone. Soon after, he receives another message, surprised that it’s from Okada when they were just speaking to each other, reading through with a slight grin on his face.

I’m sorry about tonight, but I’m glad we could chat for a bit!
Happy birthday again!!
I’m free tomorrow night, would you like to hang out?
I want to treat you out for some food (or maybe a drink?) If you’re busy, then that’s okay.
Bye bye!

“Ahaha, so cute!” He laughs and asks himself why Kamisen are all so adorable; they are like a bunch of kids. He suddenly realises that he had completely forgotten about his worries about wanting a family, but maybe it’s not even worth worrying about. Maybe the reason he hasn’t been able to settle down with a family is because he is too busy looking after the family he already has. They’ve always said that they were like a family anyway, him playing the role of the father while Nagano is the mother, and then Inocchi, Go and Ken were seen as the rambuctious kids— actually, dealing with the three of them seem more tiring than dealing with actual children. Then there’s Okada, the youngest of all the kids, living in his own world and quietly hanging beside him and Nagano, while the other three would loudly dance around like idiots. It’s been like this for so many years, and it would probably continue to be like that for the rest of his life.

Just like a real family.

“Hmm, maybe…” He says to himself as he flickers through his messages again, “Maybe I was worrying over nothing…”
27th-Aug-2013 02:45 pm (UTC)
Very interesting work. Thank you very much for this!!! I like it so much:))) Although all your works are great, not only this.
10th-Jun-2015 02:58 pm (UTC)
This is so sweet <3 I could totally imagine Maa-kun thinking like that, that he's responsible for his family V6 (and keeping Inoharagumi in line) xD

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