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♔ Fanon conquer thy Canon ♔
[V6] わがまま子  
23rd-Oct-2011 02:26 pm
inocchi ☆ i wanna take you to bed
Title: Wagamama-ko (selfish child)
Author: [info]ohnaganoes
Fandom: V6
Pairing: Okada Junichi/Miyake Ken, and Okada/Satsuma too I guess. :3
Rating: PG-13 for some borderline though not even close to smut
Prompt: 049. Queen
Summary: Ken meets his biggest rival, and she is just as bratty as he is.

bunny_d_kate</lj> showed me an OkaKen doujinshi yesterday which featured Satsuma, and I thought it was hilarious, so I wanted to write something based on it. I like the idea of Satsuma being incredibly protective over Okada, while Okada is totally smitten for her and lets her have her way~

It's set a few years back, so Ken is 28 while Okada is 26/27.


“Ken-kun… do you… want to come over to my place tonight?”

The 28 year old could not believe his ears; Okada Junichi was actually inviting him over. Sure, they had been together at Ken’s house many times, usually until the next morning, but this was the first time the Osaka man had offered his place to him. He had visited only once before, because Sakamoto insisted that V6 have a celebratory “Congrats on being together for 10 years!” dinner at each member’s house. It’s about time, Ken thought, you and I have only been “dating” for how long now? A year or two I think?

“Umm… sure…” He answered, shyly looking away as he planned out their night in his head, it’s probably going to end up the same as usual; one of them will cook dinner while the other whines about how loud Inocchi and Go were, then they will probably feed each other said dinner, and then they’ll do things that still make the Kanagawa man blush even now.

It’s an ongoing cycle that’ll never break, but Ken is fine with that, as long as he gets to be alone with his beloved Dekopaa.

That is, he thought he would be.

“I hope you don’t mind, but there’s somebody staying at my place…” Okada said shyly as they walked to his condo. Ken looked at him, unsure whether to be genuinely curious or pissed off that this meant no one-on-one time with Okada.

“Uh, well that’s okay; I guess… they can cook dinner for us or something…” Okada chuckled, Ken was such a spoiled little kid.

“Well, I don’t think she would be a good cook to be honest…”

Ken’s movements stopped, his face frozen in a state of shock; why did he say she? Who is this she? Why is there a girl staying at his boyfriend’s house?! His heart sank a little as he realised that maybe, just maybe, Okada was keeping something very important from him.

…No, he must just be overreacting, as usual. 

“Ken-kun? What’s wrong?” Okada asked after noticing the huge gap between the pair. Ken shook his head and ran towards the Osaka man, clinging onto his arm tightly; there was no way a girl was going to get in between him and his Okada, he will fight her to the very end if he has to.


Both men stood outside Okada’s apartment door, Ken watching as his junior digged his pockets for his keys. He could hear tapping from the other side, or rather, sounds of the door gently getting scratched. The door slowly opened and he could hear Okada whisper to himself, “Yep, I know. I know you miss me~” before taking a step back as Okada caressed the thing that leapt into Okada’s arms.

It was a dog.

A very small one too; it was definitely not like Ken’s dogs back home. This was the first time he had ever heard of Okada owning a pet, but then again, he had only gone to Okada’s place once and that was a year ago. Still, it was very cute to know that now he had another thing in common with his boyfriend.

“I-It’s… a dog!” He exclaimed, completely aware that he was stating the obvious, “And it’s so cute~! Can I pet it?” he asked, leaning in towards the small dog, who was busy cuddling up to its owner. The French Bulldog glanced at Ken before turning its head away, rejecting any sort of welcoming from him and focusing all its attention on Okada. “Hey!” Ken pouted, “What, why…”

“Hmm… Satsuma isn’t usually like this…” Okada replied, “Usually she’s just a little shy but this is different…”

That’s when it hit Ken, “OH, this is Satsuma! I remember you mentioned her a lot before… but this is the first time I’ve met her…” She must be the she he was talking about, Ken said to himself, before noticing the small dog glare at him. “W-Why is she looking at me like that…”

“I guess she’s not used to seeing me with other people~” Okada cheerfully replied, cradling Satsuma like she was his own child; this didn’t sit with Ken well at all. The Osaka man set Satsuma down and took off his shoes, “Do you want something to eat, Ken-kun?” he asked, said member finally getting the attention he deserved.

“N-No thanks… at least, not yet…”

He looked around at Okada’s living room, big and spacious. There was a baby grand piano in the corner, accompanied by his drum kit and guitar; it was such a mature looking place. He noticed the giant bookshelf that had hundreds of books and DVDs stored, each alphabetised, as well as a wall with V6’s photos stuck on. If this is his living room, Ken thought, then what does his bedroom look like…

“Ah that’s right,” Okada smiled, “You haven’t been here before haven’t you? At least, since the dinner.”

“It’s definitely changed a lot since then…”

“I bet you want to see my bedroom don’t you~?” He asked slyly. Ken blushed before hitting him on the arm; he could never admit that that was exactly what he wanted.

“You are such a pervert, Dekopaa!”


Ken sighed as he collapsed onto Okada’s bed, large enough for him to stretch out his arms and legs. It’s exactly how he imagined, books and paintings everywhere; his boyfriend was one classy man. There were a few strange things though, like his collection of bearbrick dolls and his many woodcarvings, but Ken thought it was pretty cute that he had these things on display. The Osaka man crawled onto his bed, leaning into Ken as he kissed his senior. The Kanagawa man wrapped his arms around the Osaka man’s neck as their kiss intensified; this was nothing out of the ordinary for them.

“So what do you want to do, Ken-kun?” Okada whispered.

“You know exactly what I want to do~” Ken teased, “I want Dekopaa to spoil me like he always does!”

“Haha, alright then,” Okada chuckled and kissed Ken again, this time slowly unbuttoning Ken’s shirt. There was something, to put it nicely, awkward about doing it in Okada’s house, Ken blushing in embarrassment more than usual as he felt kind of out of place. His room had a casual and simple vibe, while Okada’s was grown up and dark, a combination that was sexy in Ken’s eyes. He shuddered as Okada pulled the shirt off, wanting to take off his junior’s too.

“I wanna do it,” he pouted, looking at his boyfriend with the cutest expression he could pull; he knew exactly how to make Okada blush and loved to abuse that power, especially in these kinds of situations.

“Ken-chan is too adorable for me to say no~”

The two of them sat up and Ken playfully pulled Okada’s shirt off, laughing at his newly messed up hair. He gave him a quick peck on the cheek before hugging him tightly, the both of them swaying from side to side; he really did love Okada to bits.

“I guess we should keep going huh?” Ken giggled and kissed Okada on the lips. It was there that he could hear a small growl coming from the doorway, both men turning around to find Satsuma staring them down. “W-What is she doing here?” he coughed and hesitantly looked back at Okada, “A-Anyway, where were we…”

Their little one-on-one time was interrupted once Satsuma jumped onto the bed, cuddling up to Okada and nuzzling her neck against his arm. Ken glared at Satsuma, who in turn made a face that said “You can’t take my Okada-sama from me!”

“Aah~ Satsuma~ I guess I forgot to close the door! What’s wrong?” Okada asked, picking her up so they were looking face-to-face, completely blocking Ken in the process. “Are you hungry? Okay, I will get you something to eat!”

“W-wait! What?!” Ken exclaimed as he watched Okada leave for the kitchen, the younger V6 member telling Ken to look after Satsuma for a bit. Frustrated, he looked at Satsuma, who scoffed back at him; he couldn’t believe he was getting so annoyed at a dog. “You’re evil, you know that?” He asked her, the French bulldog completely ignoring him. Okada rushed back into his room with Satsuma’s dinner and watched happily as she pushed the bowl towards him and ate.

“Ah, Ken-kun, you’re going to catch a cold if you sit there like that.”

“EXCUSE ME?!” He growled, frustrated by the fact that Okada was completely oblivious to what was going on, “YOU’RE PRACTICALLY NAKED AND YOU’RE TELLING ME THIS?!”

“H-Huh?” Okada stuttered, putting his shirt back on once he realised what was going on. He sat next to Satsuma and rubbed his hand against her back, “Isn’t she adorable?” he asked and blushed over how cute the dog was. Ken on the other hand looked at the pair like they were a bunch of clueless lovebirds, so tempted to tell Okada to marry Satsuma if he loved her so much; man it would’ve been better if Satsuma was an actual person, he thought, at least then Okada wouldn’t be all loveydovey over her.


“Huh? What did you say?”


“Hey, don’t be mean to Satsuma! I don’t say things like that about your dogs…”

Ken groaned, “See there’s a difference between mine and yours; mine are boys, while Satsuma is a gi-“

It made sense now, the reason why Satsuma tried to divert all of Okada’s attention onto her instead of him. She was the only girl in his life right now, and she was selfish too according to Okada; she wanted him all to herself. To Ken, it was as if…

As if she saw him as a rival for Okada’s attention…

“Satsuma loves me, and she does want whatever she wants; I guess you can blame me for spoiling her so much… but she’s important to me.”


“Of course. I would see you happily cuddling your dogs and treating them like family, so I wanted to experience the same thing. Whenever I’m feeling down, she’s always there to greet me at the door; whenever I’m bored, she’ll play with me… You understand now right?”

“I…” Ken blushed in embarrassment, “I guess so…”

“Plus she’s really cute, so that’s another reason why I love her~!” He added and gently hugged her. Ken sighed in defeat, there’s no way he could win against her; Okada gets to see her every day, talk to her every day, and just be with her every single day… while Ken only gets to see him during meetings or get-togethers with V6. Even as a couple, their schedules conflict so much that they can’t see each other as more as he wants to, whereas with Satsuma, she’s always going to wait for him at home…

“Nee Okada, can I ask you a question?”

“What’s wrong?”

The 28 year old shuffled slightly on the bed and put on his cutest face, “What am I to you? Am I important to you?”

“That’s two questions.”

“Geez, you get the idea!” Ken pouted, “You keep focusing all your attention onto Satsuma and not me, especially when we were about to…” his voice trailing off before he could complete his sentence. Okada smiled weakly, leaving Satsuma’s side for moment. Maybe he was focusing all his attention on Satsuma instead of Ken, after all, he did invite him over. It doesn’t help that Ken is just as selfish and stubborn as she is.

No wonder he’s so fascinated by him.

“You know what, I just realised something… you and Satsuma are a lot alike.”

“What. How?”

“You’re both selfish little brats who want all of my attention to yourselves.”

Ken pouted, “Excuse me~? You and I are dating so I have every right to be!”

“You two are both cute.”

“Well I know I’m cute, thank you very much.”

“And…” Okada smiled, a slight tint of red appearing on his cheeks, “And you both make me happy…”

Ken wanted to respond back, only to realise how embarrassed that line made him; it seems that the cheesiest lines in existence always sound so good when they’re coming from Okada’s mouth. The Osaka man bent down and noticed how sleepy Satsuma was getting, petting her on the head once again.

“Satsuma, I know you’re protective of me and everything… but for now, I want to focus all my attention on Ken-kun… because he’s important to me too… is that okay with you?”

She looked at him with big watery eyes before yawning; she figured she was too tired to keep up the act. Okada chuckled and carried her to her bed in the living room, softly humming a lullaby. Ken smiled, having a newfound love for this kind of Okada, gentle and… maternal; he kind of wished he could be Satsuma’s position now.

“I’m sorry, Ken-kun,” Okada sighed as he sat back onto the bed, hugging his senior. “You know, sometimes I talk about you to Satsuma… I guess that’s why she’s a little jealous.”

“Ahh, well… I understand how she feels…”


Ken blushed, avoiding any sort of eye contact with Okada, “I… I was a little— no, I was very jealous…” Okada sustained a chuckle and kissed his cheek, amazed by how adorable Ken could be, especially a jealous Ken. “Nee, Dekopaa…” Ken whispered, pulling at Okada’s shirt, “c-can we…”

“Of course, I want to focus all my attention on you, Ken-chan.”

“That’s what I wanted to hear~ Oh, and…”


“Remember to close the door this time.”
23rd-Oct-2011 02:56 pm (UTC)
lolol I *knew* Satsuma would come back interrupting the one-on-one time. BAD DOGGY!!
D'aww but this is really really cute. I liked the way you wrote Okada's gentle, caring side when he's with Satsuma. She's like his baby :3
And jealous Ken is adorable, too. How he gets all pouty and irritated of having a rival for Okada's attention <3
I guess I should scan more doujins if it inspires you to write more fic ;Dv
24th-Oct-2011 12:47 am (UTC)
Thanks~! Heehee, I like writing Okada like this now. :Db

I might write something based on "Love Style"... I kinda get what's going on there. XDD
24th-Oct-2011 03:19 am (UTC)
lol yes please do! Because I don't.. XDD
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